About Urbanics

Who are we?

URBANICS, acronym of Urban Dynamics, is a research network created in March 2010, as an initiative of the Complex Engineering Systems Institute, ISCI.

The objective of the Network is to engage in the following scientific research lines and its applications, through collaboration between Network members:

• Develop tools to study the land use market and transport system evolution of big cities over time.
• Work on formulations representing equilibrium conditions and the dynamism embedded in the different subsystems comprising complex urban agglomerations taking into account all their components and tendencies.
• Develop sophisticated simulation tools to represent interaction of the agents that comprise more complex urban settlements.
• Organize urban dynamics workshops to discuss issues, analyze advances and synergy among members of the network.

Network Outputs

Urban Dynamics is the set of processes and interactions that gives form and directs the evolution of cities

The Network’s products include:

• Scientific publications in journals, books and book chapters, whose authors will be members of the Network and graduate students under their guidance.
• Master and doctorate thesis addressing the Network’s research lines.
• Scientific and professional meetings open to specialized audiences.
• Web sites, newsletters and other forms of outreach and coordination facilitators aimed at interested agents.
• Joint projects with the industry and the public sector, applying the scientific results thereof, and/or allowing further exploration of the research lines.